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5 MONEY BLOCKS that Held Me Back from Success

Making Passive Income for Life

5 MONEY BLOCKS that Held Me Back from Success

Date: 2019-02-27 00:00:04

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For the longest time, I thought all I needed in order to succeed were the right strategies and tactics — and, obviously, those things *are* incredibly important. After all, *actions create your results.*

BUT — what creates your actions? Your thoughts. You do what you choose to do, for better or worse. And your thoughts stem from your mindset.

So, what controls your income and how much money you have in the bank? Your money *mindset.* (And I had a lot of problems with mine!)

In today’s video, I’m sharing five of my biggest money mindset problems (“money blocks”) that held me back from success. Can you relate to any of these??

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