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I Tried Meditation for 30 Days

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I Tried Meditation for 30 Days

Date: 2019-05-14 23:15:25

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Last month, I decided to do a 30-day experiment and give meditation a try. I’ve been hearing of the benefits of meditation for YEARS – and had even tried it a few times in the past – but there were several things holding me back from making it a habit:⁣

1) I don’t exactly have “extra time.”⁣
2) It seems boring as fudge.⁣
3) It’s HARD (or so I thought)⁣
4) When I’ve tried it in the past, I didn’t perceive any noticeable benefits.⁣

Despite these challenges, *it would be worth it* IF I actually were to get the supposed benefits:⁣

– less stress and anxiety⁣
– increased sense of calm and contentedness⁣
– better focus⁣
– increased productivity⁣
– better sleep quality⁣
– fall asleep faster⁣
– strengthened immune system⁣
…the list goes on⁣

This video documents the meditation experiment and my results. Have you ever tried meditation before? Do you practice regularly? If so, what benefits have you experienced?

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